Shrek 1: Came out 11 years ago
Monsters Inc: Came out 11 years ago
Dylan and Cole Sprouse: 20 years old
Miley Cyrus: Engaged
Hillary Duff: Mom
That's so Raven: Been off TV for 6 years
Lizzie McGuire: Ended 9 years ago


And here Sid demonstrates what the real sportsmanship is.


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Tuomo: Don’t touch me. DON’T touch me.

Penalty box guy: ….I don’t touch you

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Running Trip
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This will make you laugh out loud! 

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175 - Quitting when you’re losing


If you start a game, whether it be monopoly at home, words with friends on your iphone or Fifa on xbox live you should see it through. As soon as it becomes apparent you’re likely to lose don’t quit or throw the game completely that’s just massively bad form, shame on you.